HELLO INDI - Warrnambool lifestyle newborn photography

I do go on a bit about how much I love in-home lifestyle photography (to the point where i'm actually considering ditching the studio altogether, eek!). I also go on about how "you don't need an amazingly glamorous house", which is absolutely true. All I need is a beautiful little pocket of light and a loved up little family and i'm THERE. With bells on. I have to admit though, I may have done a little happy dance as I drove up Dermott and Steffs driveway (after I picked my jaw up off the floor!) and parked in front of their GORGEOUSLY reno'd period home. I may or may not have let out some quiet little squeals as they showed me around inside (i'm such a dork).

And then I saw this brand new family all together and to be honest, we could've been at the tip and it would still have been the most beautiful sight. There's something very special about 2 becoming 3. And little Miss Indi is simply divine. Such a gorgeous little family, and have I mentioned their 5 (YES 5!) dogs?? As I drove home I actually thought to myself "if i've managed to stuff this up then i'm hanging up my camera!"... incredible location, beautiful family, lovely light. I couldn't ask for a more perfect opportunity.

Thanks Steff, Dermi & baby Indi, hopefully you gathered from my excitement on the day, that I LOVED hanging with you!

PS... scroll right down to the end to see some of my faves from their gorgeous BUMP session too!

and not forgetting their gorgeous studio BUMP session! I'm a bit in love with Steff's hair!